Professional Palliative Care Services in Collin County, Garland, Dallas County, and surrounding areas

Saint Catherine Hospice Inc. is a trusted hospice care services provider with a nursing facility based in Dallas but servicing the areas of Collin County, Garland Dallas County, and surrounding places. We specialized on palliative care for patients with terminal illnesses, including pain management, symptoms relief, professional nursing visits, family counseling, emotional and social support, and spiritual advising. Our comfort-focused care is designed to enhance our patient’s quality of life and help their families as well in handling a difficult situation like this.

End-of-Life Care Garland

Hospice care, as proven by many studies already, can result to the improvement of patient’s overall disposition in life as they try to savor their remaining days on Earth. At Saint Catherine Hospice Inc., we are committed in ensuring that our patient’s health and well-being needs are well taken care of in the most comfortable and enjoyable way possible. Our integrative palliative care, pain management, and nursing visits services are administered by our team of hospice care specialists including physicians, nurses, chaplains, and social workers. They are well-experienced and trained to provide end-of-life care support services to our patients and their family members. Again, we are available in Collin County, Garland Dallas County, and surrounding areas.

Let us, at Saint Catherine Hospice Inc., ease your worries and pain through our effective palliative care, pain management, nursing visits, emotional and social support services. Servicing Collin County, Garland Dallas County, and other nearby places, we aim to provide patients with terminal illnesses and their families the holistic professional care that they need. Give us a call to know more about our hospice care services.

  • Testimonials

    Hello, my name is Rudy James. Both I and my wife Donna, 65, have a variety of health problems and are patients under hospice care. We decided to write a few lines to express our thoughts and feelings about hospice.

    Right from the start, Saint Catherine Hospice Inc. has been a godsend. Our nurse Benjamin and the staff and team in charge of our care have been outstanding. We’ve been treated with dignity and compassion, and equally as important, we’ve been treated as individuals.

    We know now we are in the hands of dedicated professionals who care. The emotional support Saint Catherine as offered, as well as the expert medical care, has been very important to our lives. They listen and understand our emotional needs as well as the medical care, and God Bless them for that.

    Saint Catherine Hospice Inc. has provided the highest standards of medical care and they’ve always been there for us in this most trying of times.

    With their help we’ve been able to live our lives, knowing we’re going to be taken care of, and our hopes and fears listened to.

    Over the years we suffered, not getting the proper medical care and now for the first time in a long time, we feel safe in the knowledge we’re in a program that compassionately cares for us. God Bless and Thank God for Saint Catherine Hospice Inc..

    Donna and Rudy James