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CEO and Founder

Hospice and home health care, as offered by Saint Catherine Hospice, goes beyond the traditional scope of medical care, focusing on comprehensive support for individuals facing life-limiting illnesses. This level of care transcends physical symptom relief to encompass emotional, mental, social, and spiritual assistance during this complex time. Such support extends to our patients and their families, understanding that this journey impacts all involved.

Our services at Saint Catherine Hospice include managing pain and other symptoms, family counseling, emotional support, social engagement, and spiritual guidance. These can be provided in the most fitting environment for the patient, whether that’s in a nursing facility or the patient’s place of comfort. We pledge to deliver all necessary hospice care services to our patients with a team of skilled professionals. This multidisciplinary team, composed of physicians, nurses, chaplains, and social workers, collaborates closely with the patient’s family to address the patient’s needs in a holistic manner.

Entrust your loved one to the skilled, compassionate care at Saint Catherine Hospice. While our primary facility is located in a major metropolitan area, our reach and capabilities extend to serve patients in numerous surrounding communities.

Our Mission and Vision

At Saint Catherine Hospice, our mission is to deliver compassionate, comprehensive end-of-life care that respects the dignity of each patient. We strive to cater to their holistic needs while extending support to their families, thus fostering an environment of empathy and respect. Our future vision evolves from this commitment, aiming to provide unparalleled, personalized care to anyone facing a life-limiting illness. We aspire to become the preferred choice for hospice care across many communities, positioning Saint Catherine Hospice as a beacon of hope and comfort during challenging times.

Our Philosophy and Goal

We acknowledge that end-of-life is an inevitable phase of life’s journey, particularly when curative treatments have reached their limit. Our role is not to accelerate or delay this process but to provide comprehensive and sensitive care that allows individuals to live their remaining days in the fullest, most rewarding way possible. We are here to offer support not only to those facing these final stages but also to their loved ones, helping them navigate the challenges of bereavement after the patient’s passing.

Our primary aim is to go above and beyond in meeting the expectations of our patients and their families, offering the highest standard of care. We aspire to uphold the dignity and enhance the quality of life, alleviate pain and other symptoms, and involve the patient and their family or caregiver in creating a personalized care plan. We strive to assist the patient in achieving personal goals and developing effective coping strategies. Our commitment is to foster an atmosphere of comfort and compassion, helping patients and their loved ones navigate the emotional aspects of end-of-life, creating a meaningful and supportive journey for all involved.

Our Team

We believe in open communication and are eager to address your queries, guiding you in the direction that best suits your needs. Contact us today for a meaningful discussion about your care options. Your peace of mind is our priority.